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Snuggles! July 13, 2012

July 14, 2012

I HELD MY BABY!!! It was not quite in your standard way, but who cares?! He was in my arms for nearly 90 minutes! He snuggled his little bum up in my arms! Oh my gosh, BEST DAY EVER!!! I got to help give him a bath too! He has the funniest little scrawny butt. Besides being just plain awesome, this is also a huge deal because he is handling so much better than he ever has before. Usually he gets so angry with any sort of repositioning and everything goes crazy, but not today. He’s actually now had three good days in a row. They said the S word again today. His heart is still not doing so good, but he seems to be tolerating it so they’re thinking they’ll do it anyway. So fingers crossed and huge prayers that his heart starts having less right sided pressures or, if they go ahead anyway, that he can be up for it even though his heart is not quite ready. Also, that he continues behaving so nicely. I stand by my theory that he was just hangry (hungry/angry). You should see his dad on not enough food! And now that he’s getting enough food he can do all kinds of things better. I’m certainly not up for battling anything when I’m on a diet, forget CDH. Oliver is such a fighter. He’s my hero. My snuggly little bundle of joy hero 🙂

Poppy is enjoying being home and Tim and I are really enjoying it too. She’s so fun and funny and she forces you to have fun too. I talked to a lovely social worker today who is a friend of Tim’s cousin. She told me we can get someone to come talk to us about talking to Poppy about what is going on. She’s still talking about seeing me in a wheelchair last Monday, and I am worried about her being scared of all the stuff attached to her brother but I’d like her to know she has one. So I think we’ll take advantage of that service. Sick Kids really is an amazing place. So so grateful today for everything they’re doing for our family. Xo







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  1. Susan Wesson permalink

    Miriam is the BEST! I’m so glad she came to see you – she is one of my dearest friends (even though lately it seems like we never get to see each other) and an INCREDIBLE social worker. I am a firm believer that there is nothing that she can’t do…kind of like you guys!

    A friend today asked me how Ollie was doing. So many people rooting for you guys! It can’t help but have a positive effect.

    Lots of love your way,


  2. Anda permalink

    You have prayers and thoughts coming from all sorts of people you don’t know…. Susan facebooked and among the many got me and I’ve got another chain going. Prayers and blessings in all you are experiencing, enduring, engaging, entering….

  3. Lani permalink

    The picture of you holding him brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful Alex!! Thinking of you always! xoxo

  4. cousinjenn permalink

  5. Lani permalink

    Also, look at his sweet little bum!!! Love it!

  6. medstudentitis permalink

    You guys look perfect and beautiful together. We’re thinking of you in Waterloo.
    -A friend of Alex Mac’s.

  7. Joan Tyler. permalink

    What lovely pictures, Alex, they also show how much better Ollie is getting ….. I do love his bum !!!
    But the one pic that really made me emotional was the one with Ollie on your lap and you are looking so happy and beautiful. Continuing with our prayers and Masses and more miracles.

  8. Such a lovely and marvelous day!! Yayy to holding the little man. Hopefully his right side pressure comes down and surgery is soon.

  9. Preggo Chick permalink

    First of all, you look AMAZING. Not just for someone who gave birth less than two weeks ago, but just amazing, period. You’re pretty much glowing. Oliver looks amazing too! Every day you can see he’s gotten a little stronger and more comfortable. I hope you keep having these special moments and that he keeps going up, up, up! XO Lauren

  10. Yay for getting to hold him! I agree with you on the hangry (a term I use) often. Praying that the pressures settle down for surgery. There is a lot of anxiety leading up to surgery day so praying for mom and dad soon. Glad you are getting some guidance with Poppy…kids are so sensitive to anything out of the norm and sometimes as adults things that upset them would not even be something that would cross our minds so it is nice to have experts.

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