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That darn roller coaster again: July 10, 2012

July 11, 2012

Little Mr. Wesson apparently did not feel ready to go off his oscillating ventilator today. So he threw everyone a crazy curve ball by making his carbon dioxide all crazy. He has never done this before so everyone was very confused. His resident, Dr Oz (cos she’s Australian) said today was better than Sunday but worse than yesterday. After a day of confusion, frustration, and hoping to blame the actual ventilator, the problem was resolved by suctioning his lungs more often and giving him more sedatives. I love having him awake and aware, but he breathes over the ventilator and it messes with their ability to control what’s going on. He also has more goop in his lungs than he did before. We all have goop but we can cough it up. He tries but there’s a tube in his throat so it doesn’t really work. The RTs say he has a good strong cough. Anyway, by pulling that stuff out regularly, his lungs can work better. So because his CO2 wasn’t good, they had to turn up the shake on his oscillator while they figured it out. The conventional ventilator doesn’t have a shake so they couldn’t switch him. Once they got it under control they were actually able to get the shake lower than it had been before, but it was too late for the switch. Maybe tomorrow, but I’ve learned my lesson about getting my hopes up.

He was still having a fever, very low grade, but combined with the extra goop they are erring on the side of caution and giving him antibiotics. I’m 100% in favour of this. His nurse Irina was able to control his temperature by turning off his ambient heater, so they think he’s ok, but we’re waiting to get his cultures back.

He was so sweet today and I sung him “He’s got the whole world in his hands” pretty much all day. Actually, come to think of it, maybe the torture of my singing is what made his poor day so bad… Oops.

Tim wasn’t feeling great yesterday so even he wasn’t allowed to visit with Oliver today. So he spent the day with gorgeous Poppy who, incidentally, pooped in the potty today for Grandma!!! Yay!!! Tim took her swimming, to the park, and then for lunch. He decided he really needs her around for his mental health so tomorrow she’s going to come home. I’m totally excited but super nervous about it. I know she’s having fun with her grandparents (she got to go to play with her Grandpa last night and LOVED it), and I’m nervous we just won’t be as fun for her. I’m still only 8 days out from childbirth, so pretty useless in the toddler-chasing department. But we’ll see how it goes. I know for a fact she’s good for me, I’m just hoping I can be good enough for her.

My gorgeous little guy

Fancy new socks from Becca

His name tag from Sara

So in love with this face!

Tim sent me this gorgeous photo of our gorgeous Poppy at the park


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  1. Diana Winsor permalink

    I look forward every day to getting your update Alex on Oliver. He is such a cutie. I am heading to Miami tomorrow and coming back next Monday. I hope to get on my computer sometime while I am away, but it depends on getting WiFi. I will still be praying for him. You and Tim are amazing, and it sounds like Grandma and Grandpa are doing great with Poppy. You take care of yourself as well; don’t forget you just delivered a baby!!!

  2. A down day means the up is around the corner. Good luck for today Oliver, let’s kick that oscillating vent to the curb, huh?


  3. Jenn Richler permalink

    Alex, I’m thinking of you and your family constantly. Sending lots of positive energy and love your way. You are amazing.

  4. Sara D permalink

    Sending my love and a reminder that there are a millions friends ready to help.

    ❤ ❤ ❤


  5. Alex, Tim, Poppy and especially Oliver, your friends at Grace Church hold you in our hearts and in our prayers!

  6. Maureen Richler....Jenn's Mom permalink

    Alex, I am so impressed by your strength! I started following your blog after Oliver was born (but of course started at the beginning). I wish you and Tim and Poppy continued strength and ,of course, I am rooting for Little Oliver.

  7. Belle Sandella permalink

    Hang in there guys… You and your little warrior are doing great 🙂

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