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Happy One Week Birthday Oliver: July 9 2012

July 9, 2012

I think I learned a lesson about patience yesterday. I cannot believe I had been getting frustrated by slow progress when it was all in the right direction. That was selfish, I wanted my need to have my baby at home resolved rather than his need to get better as gently as possible. I know better now. I will celebrate every tiny step forward, and if there is one in an entire day I will be nothing but grateful that the day ended by moving closer to healing.

Speaking of steps forward, today has been a pretty good day. After yesterday I wasn’t hoping for much and was going to be happy with staying exactly the same all day. But he didn’t! His mean airway pressure is down to 10.5 (needs to be 11 to go on conventional vent) his oxygen is set at 50 (out of a possible 100) and nitric is down to 9.5! If he stays steady on this through the night they’re going to try to switch him over to the conventional vent tomorrow! Don’t get your hopes too high, remember yesterday, but it’s fair to be cautiously optimistic. So pray pray pray or whatever it is you do 🙂 He will have a rough time adjusting to the new ventilator so please think really good thoughts for him all day.

He has been running a little fever. Nothing major but a fever means no surgery so we’ve had to cut off all visitors (just us & his grandparents). It’s a bit of a bummer but in the end, if it means everyone can visit him at home then it is TOTALLY worth it! He got to have a visit with his Grandad today while Tim & I had lunch with our Poppy and Grandad has come to the conclusion that Oliver is very smart & smarter when his head is being stroked.

His nurse was Irene again today and we love her. Every doctor who comes by says she’s the best nurse and she sure makes us feel comfortable! She asked if she could come in tomorrow on her day off to be Ollie’s nurse again but apparently they’re all full tomorrow. Every nurse here is amazing though, it’s just so sweet that she wants to be with him. We were chatting with her and Dr Cox about soda, and I said how much I LOVE Diet Pepsi but that Tim won’t let me drink it while I’m pregnant. Then I made my joke “because, you know, aspartame could cause some horrible birth defect or something”. Dr Cox said “Well that obviously didn’t work, looks like you’ll have to drink it next time, see if that’s the solution”. Amazing.

So sweet!

Checking his brain for seizures (don’t know the results yet)

His lovely head without anything on it for just a second


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  1. Susan Kwolek permalink

    A special hello to TIm How are you doing? We dont hear too much from you and I am sure you spend a lot of time at the bedside. I love the picutres of you holding Oliver and kissing his head I know tomorrow will be a tough one if he gets to go on the new ventilator but knowing his Daddy is there to give him the strength he needs will make it all right I will pray for him to be strong and for you to be strong for him

  2. Love this post. I check every day for multiple updates. Love all the baby step good news. Sending all my positive thoughts your way that the step down to conventional vent goes well and the fever to vanish.


  3. Brenda permalink

    He is crazy cute and looks so much older and stronger than he did last week. i love how we get sneak peeks as he is unveiled to all us adoring fans one body part at a time!

  4. Debbie shinoda permalink

    Alex thank you for the update. There are so many of us checking every couple of hours and I’m so pleased to hear that all of our prayers continue to be answered. =) Oliver is beautiful, he really has a very cute face!

  5. Belle Sandella permalink

    Hi… you don’t know me, but I feel like I know you because my husband and I have been faithfully following your blog and thinking great positive thoughts for your little warrior, Oliver. Thank you for allowing us to walk your journey along side of you. Your inspiration has renewed my spirits and replenished my soul during the last few weeks of a challenging pregnancy. Oliver is lucky to have such an amazing mama and family. Thank you again for sharing. Your eloquent account of Oliver’s life has changed my life forever. I wish your little warrior great wellness.

    The Sandella’s in Philadelphia, PA

  6. Diana Winsor permalink

    I am so happy for you and Tim. Every day with Oliver I am sure is a miracle, and I am sure Oliver is full of miracles. Sending prayers and hugs your way!

  7. Jayme Lunt permalink

    He is so little and handsome! XOXOX

  8. Joan Tyler. permalink

    Love the updates……I look for them every day and it is so wonderful to read about his baby steps good news. Thank you, dear Alex, for taking so much time to write and give us news. God bless you, Tim, and baby Oliver and your family who are giving you so much support. Praying for all of you. Joan.

  9. Sarah permalink

    He’s such a cutie, Alex and Tim!!!!
    Thinking of you guys every day!!

  10. Lana permalink

    Dear Oliver! Happy one week Birthday! Be a very healthy and happy boy, grow big and strong! Do not let your mother cry ever again! We wish you to go home soon so you can enjoy being loved sooo much! Just remember to ask your mother to keep us informed of all your little achivements. Can not wait to see how you smile-Lana(mom, can you please read that to Oliver)

  11. Susan Wesson permalink

    He has such beautiful eyes! What a struggle not to be able to hold and nuzzle him all day.

    Love and blessings and all good things your way.



  12. Lani permalink

    He is so beautiful Alex. Thinking of you guys!! xo

  13. He is outrageously cute!!! He’s such a sweet strong little man. His eyes just make you melt!!!

  14. chris permalink

    looking forward to seeing Oliver when he comes home!

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