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Such a cutie

July 8, 2012


Awwwww!!! How do you not love that face? Cutest little guy ever!

He had a second poopy diaper that I got to change tonight! I have never ever enjoyed changing a diaper so much before in my life (sorry Poppy). I got to do it just like any normal mom would. It took 3 wipes to get all that meconium off his tushy! He has a lovely little old man tushy, so freakin cute. Boy diapers are different than girl diapers. I love him. Tim got to help hold him while they changed his sheets today and that was so amazing for him. I’m so glad we’ve both felt his weight now. And we brought blankets from home so now his cot looks amazing! His little bear is watching over him. We haven’t named him yet, but there are 2 strong contenders.

Keep praying. He’s “stable” and making painfully slow progress every day. He is amazing. xo





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  1. Asia permalink

    I’m thinking of you everyday Alex!

  2. Such a cutie. Slow and steady progress each day is good!!!


  3. I’m a mommy from the July board. We are praying for Oliver and your family. Our baby spent 23 days in the NICU after being born early due to a virus. I know your joy in all the baby steps and in the little ways you get to interact with Oliver. He is a beautiful baby and I look forward to celebrating his milestones with you through your blog.

  4. Nadya permalink

    Dear Alex,
    You don’t know me, but few days ago I came across your blog and since then I check it almost every hour to see how he is doing. I think about your little Oliver, I pray for him…he will be fine!!!! you’ll see…he WILL BE FINE! From all my heart I wish your little guy the soonest recovery! If it possible please keep posting your updates, so we know he is doing well. I send good thoughts and much love to him! He is such a cute little boy šŸ™‚


  5. I’m a mum (mom!) from the CDH board. SO SO good to see that Oliver is doing well. And you got to see his eyes and wipe his little bum! That is amazing. You guys are doing so well. This is the hardest part, I promise. Make sure you get lots of sleep and recover while you have the chance. Before you know it you will be up all night wondering how your sick little boy got to be so loud!

  6. Leah marshall permalink

    We love you Ollie. We love u wesson family, we love you

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