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Hello Blue Eyes! July 6, 2012

July 7, 2012

Up and down, up and down. Oliver had a great day today. He was steady on everything. He let them turn him on his right side (huge!) and tolerated the echo perfectly. He started coming off the muscle relaxant and moving his tongue a little. He also wiggled his toes, and pulsed his hand around our fingers. That was pure magic. I can still feel it. It’s possible he could not tolerate being less sedated well but he’s not showing signs of that. His oxygen is down to 50 and he is WAY less puffy. I got to wash & comb his hair, and put his Chapstick on him. It was fantastic. Up, up, up!

But then his echo showed that his duct is closing so they decided to put him on prostaglandin. They do that with 50% of CDH babies and it’s ok but I didn’t want them to have to add a medicine. Because of the prostaglandin they had to bump the epi up to 0.02 because it can mess with his blood pressure & saturation levels when they open that duct big and wide. If they didn’t, though, the right side of his heart would have to work too hard and would give out, so I am very very grateful that it’s something that can even be done. He’s also showing a reduced platelet count, down to 99, so they’re investigating that. It could be sepsis (but there’s no signs of that), a clot (they did an ultrasound to investigate that tonight) or it could be being caused by the heparin. We’ll know more tomorrow I hope. Down…

Then the sedation started wearing off more and he opened his gorgeous baby eyes!!! UP!


Poppy makes everything feel a little more ok. She is so cute and smart and sweet. Her hugs are like drugs. Seeing her is amazing. My mom brought her today and i got to play with her at her little buddy’s house while Grandma got to hang out with Ollie. We’re sleeping at home (not much, but trying). It’s so hard to be at home with no babies when I want to be here with both of them, but every time I see either one of them I’m just so grateful to be their mom. Poppy IS joy, and Oliver is my hero with the strength he shows. I am so lucky to have such amazing kids.

Michael Marshall came and did a beautiful blessing for Oliver yesterday. I will try to post it tomorrow. Xo

That’s his fighter quilt Poppy’s bff’s grandma made for him

Oliver’s FACE while they were changing his tape.


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  1. Susan Wesson permalink

    Alex – just sending all the love and prayers I can! I think Oliver has the great fortune of being born to two of the most loving, caring parents in the world! He’s a very lucky boy.

  2. Diana Winsor permalink

    More hugs and prayers coming your way. Baby steps are good, and it sounds like that is what is happening. Praying for more baby steps…

  3. Baby steps, Baby steps, let us count all the ups and know that with any down, there is an upside just around the corner. Enjoy Poppy, sometimes though I feel being away from our firstborn is hard they make this entire process more bearable by being so so so adorable. Go Oliver Go!!

  4. Susan Kwolek permalink

    The Ontario Kwolek’s are your cheering team! Go Oliver go!

  5. Joan Tyler. permalink

    What a thrill it must have been when Oliver opened his beautiful eyes the first time !!!!
    Good thoughts are coming your way. Alex.

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