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July 6, 2012

Oliver’s nurse today is Angela and I love her. She’s a mom and she just screams MOM. Her big concern is his comfort. She decided to change his sheets to make him more comfortable and got some folks to help her move him. I asked if I could take some photos. The machine started beeping and she said don’t worry it’s just us moving wires. I said I wasn’t even hearing them, all I saw was him being held and it was nice. Then they let me come hold his legs up!!! I got to feel his weight in my hands!!! Oh I cried SO much, but I was grinning ear to ear the whole time. It was amazing. AMAZING. These people, the ones who devote their lives to caring for and saving other people’s kids, they are so amazing. I love them so much. It really feels like they love him as much as I do and they want the best for him too. Unlike me, though, they can actually do things to make that happen PLUS they can go five minutes without crying so basically they’re superheroes. I’m so grateful.

She managed, I’m sure through pure love, to get him on his right side, which he hadn’t let anyone do til now. And he’s got a little washcloth from home as a pillow. They are going to try to get the epi off today and he’s still shedding fluid well so they’ve reduced his lasix dose. He’s on lower oxygen today and had a good night. They’re also trying to give him less muscle relaxant. It’s just a trial but he’d been receiving it hourly, and now it’s down to every 4 hours. It’s possible we’ll be able to see him flutter his fingers or maybe even open his eyes. So that would be exciting! The possible kink in all these plans is that he’s getting an echo done and he hates that so he might end up taking a few steps back but I am SO happy right now that I think I can handle that. I’m still riding the wave of holding his beautiful little legs. I love him so much.



You can see his wrist!


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  1. Jill permalink

    Alex, you are Oliver’s super heroine in the true
    sense of the word. I am sure he feels your
    love in your touch, voice and smell. He is
    so adorable. I can’t wait to meet him.

  2. Caroline permalink

    This blog is my saving grace. Thanks for keeping everyone posted on Ollie’s progress, I’m sure I speak for everyone who loves him when I say that it’s keeping us sane. ❤ Love you!

  3. Aww cute hands. Rooting for you lil guy.

  4. Vanessa Chris permalink

    Hi Alex,
    I’ve been following this blog since almost the beginning (when Jordana and Sasha posted it on their FB pages). I just want to let you know that I’m thinking about little Oliver ALL the time. I’m rooting for him as hard as I possibly can and I just KNOW he’s going to pull through.

  5. Joan Tyler. permalink

    I am following Oliver’s daily improvment with excitement and joy……with so many prayers and love being sent to him and to you, Alex, he will hopefully continue to get better and better……thanks for keeping us all informed.

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