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Bye bye Norepinephrine!

July 5, 2012

Very quick morning update. He’s off the norepi! And they reduced the epi! And his blood pressure is still great! Cautious optimism, keep praying and sending your good mojo 🙂

He can feel your love and so can we. We are all so touched and overwhelmed by your thoughts, comments, prayers and support. You are all proving to Oliver that the world is an amazing place full of amazing people and he wants to come meet you. Thank you.


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  1. Preggo Chick permalink

    Woooo! I love good news! Ollie is a serious champ! Keep up the good fight sweet little boy. XOXO Lauren

  2. Rejeanne permalink

    Hi Alex,
    So glad to hear that he is doing better..You all looked amazing as a family!

  3. Cher permalink

    yippee! great news. we love you Oliver. xoxo

  4. Debbie Shinoda permalink

    That’s great news! Every tiny step forward brings you that much closer to having Oliver at home with you! Your family is doing amazing Alex and you are ALL so strong! Happy Birthday to Poppy! Please pat yourself on the back….you delivered a baby three days ago….and you’re already out at the splash pad! Incredible strength only a Mama Bear can possess for her Cubs!

  5. Yay! Praying for Oliver & his family!

  6. the judsons permalink

    that’s great news guys!!! Our thoughts and prayers are with your beautiful family and we cant wait to meet Oliver!!
    We’re sending hugs and kisses
    love always,
    jenn and mike

  7. Diana Winsor permalink

    Sounds very promising. Keep strong. You are amazing parents. Will keep praying for Oliver.
    Hugs and Kisses

    Sharing Oliver’s story with Brayden (Uncle Chris’s nephew)! He wants to say “I hope Oliver feels better”. From Brayden

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