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MRI results: April 2, 2012

April 9, 2012

Poppy and the rest of us had the best time in DR. Little man loved my daily massages and wiggled around happily the whole time. DH and I were so relaxed, it is much easier to go through this in tropical paradise where someone else does all the chores! Thanks again to Alex.

I saw my regular OB, Dr Gans, on the 18th. I love her. She is so upset for us but so hopeful and positive. I’m her first ever CDH momma, and she told me he has to be ok so she can tell future patients that she’s had a 100% survival rate! She also told me to finish up my business at work because she doesn’t want me working anymore. Stress can lead to all sorts of complications in a regular pregnancy, and with my swelling and high blood pressure during my pregnancy with Poppy it’s not worth the risk. So the 26th was my last day.

I went for my MRI on the 28th. It was so bizarre. It was really hard to not move, so uncomfortable for a pregnant lady, but of course I can take it. Whatever we have to do to help our little man I will do with a smile. The weekend of waiting for results was much more painful, but our amazing friends and family make it much easier.

We met Dr Ryan on Monday the 2nd to get our results. On the MRI they used two methods of calculating his lungs. One gave him 30% (which on MRI is a 25% survival) the other gave him 37.7% (which is 75%). The 37.7 uses the method that was used when they came up with the survival rates so it’s probably more accurate, BUT it disqualifies him for the tracheal occlusion surgery that we want him to have. The TO gives about 20% better odds but carries a 20% risk of waters breaking. However, it also reduces the chances of him having long term complications. So we will meet with the pediatric surgeons and see what they think on the 11th. With the 30 on MRI we may be able to sneak around the rules. The surgery is done at 28 weeks and I’m 26 so a decision will be made soon. On ultrasound he scored a 32 which by US still puts him in the 50% category. It’s all very confusing.

The other thing is the LHR which they no longer use in Toronto, but it is what they use at Uncle Dave’s hospital. He got 1.38 on MRI and 1.56 on US, anything over 1.4 is great, so Dave was optimistic about those numbers, but again, they don’t use them here anymore.

He’s already 2 pounds and they think he’ll be about 8, and his head is in the 95th percentile! Think good thoughts for me, but especially him! It’s great that he’s big, bigger babies have a better chance of winning this fight.



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