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First appointment at Mt Sinai: Feb 22, 2012

April 9, 2012

I was terrified leading up to this day. I couldn’t shake the feeling we were going to get bad news and I wanted to keep living in the land of what-ifs where I could focus on it maybe being nothing.
We bought a double stroller, the City Select, as a vote of confidence, to show our little man we believe in him. I’m so excited about it! DH is shocked by the size, lol!

The night before was Shrove Tuesday. My amazing friend Alex arranged a massage for me at her house and Poppy played with her daughter and Allie’s son while the moms watched her and had pizza. It was fabulous. We came home and had pancakes and bacon and tried to enjoy our possible last night of normalcy.

Feb 22, my mom came over to watch Pops and we headed off to meet Dr Ryan. It was a long day of ultrasounds and meetings. They confirmed the diagnosis of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia, which means that his diaphragm didn’t fully form. His defect is on the left. This hole allows his organs to move up in to his chest, which should only contain his lungs and heart. His stomach and bowel were visible in his chest this first ultrasound. The presence of these abdominal organs restricts the growth of his lungs, and that is what can kill these babies. His initial Lung to Head Ratio (LHR) was 1.38, or 46% of what it should be. This gave him a 60-80% chance of survival at Sick Kids because everything else appeared normal. We were offered termination but didn’t even consider it. We are giving our little man every chance we can, I couldn’t take his shot at life away from him. We went for an amniocentesis to check for any chromosomal anomalies which can reduce his odds. It felt strange but not painful and we are happy to get as much information as possible to fight this CDH monster.
We’re going back March 2 for another consult, to meet his pediatric care team, and to get the results from the amnio.



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